TN Music City AAHAM Chapter Certification

Why earn an AAHAM certification?

AAHAM certification is an investment in your personal growth and your professional future. For over forty years, AAHAM’s elite certification program has set the standard of excellence in patient financial services and the revenue cycle.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the healthcare revenue cycle or are a seasoned veteran, our family of AAHAM certification examinations offer a complete career ladder beginning with the Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist and culminating with the Certified Revenue Cycle Executive. We have a certification that will help advance your career.

Plus the learning doesn’t stop once you have obtained certification. Our certifications are maintained through a continuous education process. This assures you stay abreast of the important changes and updates that continually occur in our rapidly changing healthcare environment.


“Due to its recognition throughout our industry, AAHAM Certification is the first giant career-step upwards in healthcare.”

-Bernard W. Lane, Jr., CRCE
Yale New Haven Health Services


How do I track CEU's?

AAHAM utilizes an online CEU reporting form.  The link is:  Online CEU Reporting Form


How does certification benefit an individual?

Earning an AAHAM certification demonstrates a high level of achievement and distinguishes you as a leader and role model in the revenue cycle industry. The certification validates your proficiency and commitment to your profession and can play an integral role in your career strategy. In many instances certification may help you secure the promotion or the job you desire.

Earning certification can help you by:


How does certification benefit an employer?

Earning an AAHAM certification demonstrates an individual’s expertise. It shows they possess the knowledge to meet the industry’s highest standards and the capacity to pass a rigorous certification examination. It shows commitment to their profession and ongoing career development. It also represents professionalism in the individual’s pursuit of excellence to quality of service in their career and the healthcare industry.

By hiring AAHAM certified individuals and investing in AAHAM certification for your staff you can:

“Since making the specialist certification a requirement in Patient Accounts, I have seen a huge increase in self confidence in my staff. It’s amazing how that trickles down. It has improved their ability to work together; Administration has more confidence in their knowledge and uses them as a trusted resource. They are able to handle more issues on their own without seeking assistance from others. By retesting for CRCS every three years, I and my staff keep current on the changes happening in healthcare. Their manuals are an invaluable resource and they refer to them regularly.”

-Melynda Crawford, CRCE Madison County Healthcare System

  • Improving your earning potential
  • Giving you a competitive advantage with current and prospective employers
  • Granting you the recognition you deserve      
  • Providing access to the positions and promotions you seek and desire
  • Building a network of peers in the influential group that shares your certification designation
  • Continuing to expand your skills and expertise through continuing education
  • Increase the competency of your staff
  • Increase quality and productivity
  • Build a strong team
  • Promote ongoing education and training
  • Reduce exposure to fraud and abuse
  • Develop a career ladder for staff


Learn more about all the different certifications that AAHAM has to offer by CLICKING HERE!   

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Certification Schedule

  • December 15, 2015 - Registration deadline for Exams March 14 - 25, 2016
  • April 15, 2016 - Registration deadline for Exams July 11 - 22, 2016
  • August 15, 2016 - Registration deadline for Exams November 7 - 18, 2016
  • December 15, 2016 - Registration deadline for Exams March 2017


For more information on AAHAM Certification, please contact our certification chairperson